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Waterproof vs Water Resistant

Waterproof vs Water Resistant

What does “waterproof” mean in the world of watchmaking?

There is no such thing as waterproof; not just in the world of watches, pick out any electronic product in the market that says so. Any device or gadget can prevent water from penetrating into its internal layer up to a specific point or pressure. Everything is vulnerable to leakage when it passes its safety threshold. Waterproof watches have the ability to function and keep out water until a certain depth or pressure is surpassed.

What is the significance of watch that has been stamped as “Water Resistant”?

Waterproof and water resistance are two different things. While a waterproof watch can keep out water up till a specific point, a water resistant watch can protect the watch from humidity or moisture. This means it can protect your watch from the everyday splash such as in the restroom or while spilling a liquid. With that being said, this absolutely does not mean that the watch can take in high impact dives or a shower.
Water or any kind of liquid is the biggest threat to a watch. For swimmers or water sports enthusiasts it is very important to have their watches checked of their water resistance levels on a yearly basis. Because, from the outside the watch may seem fine but the movement may be at the brink of leakage. The only thing that sits between the watch and the movement and acts like a wall is the tiny O-ring made out of silicon or rubber. The small gasket prevents intake of water from any pusher, crown or corrector, but with the passage of time, the seal may get lose or wear off, which may put your watch at risk. This is the main reason as to why testing a regular basis is necessary.

What is an atmosphere or bar?

These are simply the units used to measure pressure, like weight is in kilos or pounds. Note that these units are meant for pressure and not the depth at which the watch will work. ATM means atmosphere, where 1 ATM equals 10 meters. A bar is an alternate unit for pressure.

How is a diver’s watch different from a complicated watch?

For people who simply can’t avoid the temptation to wear their watches while diving, there are a special diving watches that can withstand a high magnitude of pressure and a depth of 200 meters. They have very little openings for water to pass through while the sealant is too tough to breakthrough. These watches can absorb the impact when the dive is made, which is a time when the pressure abruptly rises, and the watch is most at risk.