Semi-Precious Gemstones

Learn About Semi-Precious Gemstones

We have a compact pool of suppliers from whom we source our semi-precious stones. Each semi-precious gemstone we offer has a perfectly recorded origin that can be traced all the way to its mine.

— Red Garnets & Peridots —

We understand your concerns regarding the origins of red garnets and peridots, therefore we ensure conflict free standards by collecting these stones from socially responsible suppliers. Our red garnets are from Arizona’s Four Corners region while the Peridots come from San Carlos Reservation. Both these gemstones are mined without bringing in heavy equipment, so as to preserve the landscape. In fact, our red garnets are mined by nature itself, i.e. ants and collected from anthills.

— Amethysts, Aquamarines, Grape Garnets and Fine Citrines —

Just like Red Garnets and Periods, these gemstones also meet the highest standard of environmental responsibility. The amethysts are traceable all the way to Uruguay while the Fire Citrines & Aquamarines come from Brazil. In fact, out Aquamarines are traceable all the way back to the mine of origin. The grape garnets come from the Bay of Bengal, which then undergo cutting and polishing procedures to bring out its true state. We make sure that we fulfil our social responsibility by keeping tabs on the workplace conditions where these gems undergo refinements.

— Conflict Free Standard —

We strive to link our gemstones all the way back to the mine but in some cases, this is not possible. Still, we know the country of origin and we use the best of our resources to initiate relations with responsible gem traders in each country. By doing so we ensure conflict free trading practice, i.e. the gemstones are not linked with violence or wars.