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Welcome to Our world of Wondrous Collections are conceived and created with a passion for offering the finest High End Goods in a wide variety of styles, gemstones and price points to meet our clientele’s tastes and expectations.

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Aminoff Brothers

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Welcome to our wondrous world of luster and luminosity! Aminoff & Co is not just another purveyor of fine jewelry, we are style and radiance personified. Bringing you the perfect personal statement bespoke to your discerning tastes, Aminoff & Co was born at the intersection of quality and creativity. Dmitry Aminoff who has teamed up with his brother Alex Aminoff, present a collection of beautiful Jewelry to add a touch of glamour and a glint of glow to your life. Complete with our group of certified Bench Jewelers, Horologist, Gemologist, Designers, Diamond Setters, Polishers and Photographers, our truly amazing team is here to support you in every stage of your jewelry journey.

The shimmer of our products is only eclipsed by that in the contented eyes of our clients, but the shine of diamond jewelry and luxury watches is not something we were born with. My brother and I arrived in New York from a third world country 22 years ago as refuges. As immigrants, hard work and dedication were the virtues passed onto us from our parents; we thank G-d for the opportunities that they have given us to make this dream come true. I'm proud to state that we are now located in the world famous Diamond District of New York City; one block away from Times Square and one street away from Rockefeller center. I want to thank every single one of our clients who has been there supporting Aminoff & Co from the very start.

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