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Select a Shape

Selecting the right shape should be your first and foremost priority when looking at the variety of diamonds. Take a sneak peek at the various shapes available including emerald, princes and oval cuts.

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The Four Cs

Gemstone Guidance


The “cut” of a diamond represents the skill with which it had been processed and has a direct effect on the amount of light that is reflected and refracted.

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This is the natural color visible with the naked eye within a diamond. The color is one of the key characteristics that control the diamond’s value and beauty.

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A diamond may have some internal features that effect its beauty, i.e. inclusions and blemishes. A diamond’s clarity is inversely related to the number of blemishes within it.

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Carat is world-known unit for weight mostly used for gems and precious metals. In diamonds, the carat is one of most visually influencing factors.

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We go to unprecedented lengths to make sure our diamonds are certified for their features and origin.
An independent gemology lab is employed to get a comprehensive diamond grading report that gives us the complete picture from A-Z regarding a diamond. Gemologists have special equipment that can accurately determine the clarity, cut and color of the diamond. Feel free to contact us any time for an e-copy of our diamonds’ grading reports.