Exclusive jewelry design by Aminoff Brothers

Dmitriy & Alex are the designers of mostly all creations of Watch My Diamonds. The Aminoff brother's both received their gemologist degree together from "Gemological Institute Of America".

It's very important to understand the concept of diamonds and how every diamond is different.

The challenge in manufacturing the jewelry is making sure that all the diamonds in a single piece of jewelry match to perfection.

This is one of many reasons why a degree in Gemology is very important to being the best at what We do.

Knowledge is key to success in most businesses and thankfully we are both blessed with the opportunity to utilize our expertise.

The 3D modeling of "Rhino" & "Matrix" gives the flexibility to make any design possible with endless ideas.

If you have a design in mind for diamond stud earrings, diamond tennis bracelets or even have an image of a style that you would like replicated in afforfdable engagement rings, please send it to us and we can easily create it for you.

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